Food Safety

Permanent Food Service or Retail Food Establishment

Every permanent food service establishment in Saline County is inspected on a routine basis.  This includes restaurants, taverns, convenience stores, grocery stores, school cafeterias, senior citizens centers and bakeries.  Before a new establishment can open, it must receive an approved inspection report from the Saline County Health Department.

View Saline County’s Basic Requirements for Food Service Establishments

and the Missouri Food Code

Temporary Food Events

A food service establishment that operates for a period of not more than 14 consecutive days in conjunction with a single event or celebration is a temporary food service establishment.

Food cooked in individual private homes may not be served at these events.  All food must be prepared on site or in an approved inspected facility.

Examples of temporary events include: Fairs, festivals, fundraisers, carnivals and dinners or other events sponsored by organizations serving food and is open to the public.

Your event is NOT considered a temporary food service if the food is prepared or provided by members of the group FOR members of the group and their invited guests.

All temporary events have food safety guidelines they must abide by and any temporary event can be inspected by the Saline County Health Department.  View the Temporary Food Service Guidelines

Any temporary event occurring in Marshall has to apply for a Temporary Food Service Permit.  The permit is free of charge and can be turned into the Saline County Health Department.  Print the Application for Temporary Food Service Permit.

Farmer’s Markets

Review the Farmer’s Markets guidelines to find out what you can and cannot sell.

Printable version:  Farmer_Markets.pdf     Meat selling rules:  sellingmeat_farmersmarkets.pdf

Mobile Food Vendors

All Mobile Food Units are inspected by the Saline County Health Department.  Before opening a mobile unit, a pre-opening inspection must be performed.  Print the Guidelines for Mobile Food Vendors